The lies are beyond belief!

This post has been published a bit prematurely as I haven’t completed the links to each # but this will be remedied shortly and you can of course make inroads by doing your own research. For instance go to Youtube  – Flat Earth – Eric Dubay – 200 proofs  that we don’t live on a spinning ball. Hang on to your beliefs for this one. Only Kidding!

It’s so OBVIOUS! Can’t grasp how folks still believe this nonsense. The globe earth picture rests on very wobbly hypothesis. 

That all Einsteinen  theories, systems are comic cosmologies

“Lies, damm lies and statistics” Mark Twain

“For the words that are used to get the ship confused will not be understood as they’re spoken.

And the ships wise man will remind you once again that the whole wide world is watching” Bob Dylan

It is a matter of contention as to which lies we have been told are the most pernicious and damaging to our overall sense of who we are in this current reality construct. I have been assembling a long list of these debilitating fabrications, that is continually growing – it appears that it is designed to maintain an unquestioning state of ignorant surrender. Every time we are given and accept/swallow a scripted lie about an event, scientific paradigm or product description then we sink lower and lower into a stupor that allows ‘Experts’ to dictate our views and formulate our general belief systems.

Where is it all going? Can we come out of it in the future unscathed, resilient and endlessly creative?  Probably, if we adhere to the ancient teachings. Attitudes and actions that allow us to live in consequent states of harmony with ‘all that is’. These basic tenets of immortal wisdom are kept alive by the indigenous people. They are being hounded into extinction but still their wisdom will be carried through future generations. By our love of truth, no less.

First of all we need to be made aware of these distortions, to know where they are emanating from – the agenda behind them – then we can begin to apply logic and verifiable reason ( the scientific methodology) to the paradox and start to clarify our version of reality according to the actual evidence, instead of the misrepresented emotional manipulation so beloved of the-powers-that-be ( TPTB in future notation).

So here is my current list – I have put them in order of importance to me – might be very different to you!

All are very researchable and the deeper you are willing to go into each, the more it becomes obvious that there is an verifiable agenda behind the lie.

# The BIG one! We live on a giant spinning ball, screeching through the serious vacuum of space at astronomical speeds, whirling around a sun that is millions of miles away and its-self hurtling through space at ridiculous speeds. Total nonsense! Water cannot stick to a spinning ball, despite the ‘ Theory of Gravity’. No one can live upside down. There is NO curvature. NO axial rotation. We live on a motionless plane. It’s very mysterious for sure but it’s up to us to discover the true shape and makeup of this plane. Links

#Following close on the heels of the above is the whole ‘Outer Space’ nonsense. This lie includes but is not limited to the ISS, moon landings in the 60s, Hubble telescope, Mars rovers, rocketry in general, satallites, distant stars, CGI pictures of earth ( there are no real ones – I have spent time searching for a real picture – there are NONE!

#The Holocaust or its real name – Holohoax. An emotional minefield where even the mention of this appalling lie can get you in serious trouble. In several European countries you can be imprisoned for denying this non-event. Truth has to stand on its own. The evidence is overwhelming that such an event never happened and has been used to defend the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and the land grab by the Zionists. Links

# Climate change/global warming. OMG what a farce! After 18 plus years of warming hiatus they had to change the name to climate change! Well, where I live the climate is always changing! It has identical variants as it had when I was a child. Humans have a serious effect if they cut down all the forests in an area but the co2 lie is way beyond logic and reality.Links

#Darwinian Evolution. It is still known colloquially as a Theory and so it must remain. Born out of white eugenesist thinking, it fails totally on the obvious lack of ANY evidence of ANY species evolving into another. No fossil record is evident today to back this ludicrous theory and there never will be. Links

#Dinosaurs. Well well, much the same as the Santa Claus tale. Just another fairy tale based on the ‘facts’ presented to a gullible Victorian public by a bunch of fraudsters. ALL ‘dinasaur’ bones on public display all over the plane are omade of composite material ALL!! It’s all a huge deception. (Links)

#The mythical presence of a Godman on earth called Jesus Christ. A made-up fairy tale that has absolutely zero historical record to back it up. A fabricated lie told to control a gullible population and to make the Vatican the richest organisation on the Plane. Control, control, control! All these lies are specifically designed to allow the Elite to maintain control. ALL religions are the same. Links (acharia S)

#Slightly less volatile lies but dangerous none the less are these – 

(1 The earth is spherical and spins at 1000 mph with an atmosphere that magically clings to its surface. Gimme a break! 

(2 Central banks are government banks. Immediate rebuttal- they are private banks ultimately controlled by the Zionist criminal cabal, who advocate continual war and ever tightening regulations pertaining to human movement and thought. Despicable for sure. 

(3 Governments have your best interests at heart
(4 GM technology is necessary to end world hunger.

(5 Alopathic medicine and its implementation arm – The Pharmacuticle Industry and its emforcers – the majority of ‘doctors’ telling you that their medical protocols can cure you.
(6 That pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and all the other ‘cides are harmless to the human body/mind system.
(7 Sodium Fluoride is safe. In unlimited quantities. To give to babies.
(8 Conspiracy theories are false.
(9 9/11 was organised and carried out by a dying Afghan with a mobile phone living in a a cave in the East somewhere. Laughable.
(10 We are given a multitude of false flag ops designed to bring about some agenda of control.
(11 Cancer – it’s a huge subject. Most of the info available to humans on the www is geared towards the Pharma view. – the’slash and burn’ methodology.
(12 Antidepressants. Responsible for the premature deaths of millions in the name of the next abject lie – psychiatry – its a hypothetical/hypocritical nightmare!!
(13 Nuclear energy programmes. Are safe? – You must be kidding!
And many more…..

I’m very aware that these subjects are only a small percentage of the totality of the deception but it’s up to me/us/every individual to wake up to these lies and vow to look and listen with open eyes. Becoming aware of their techniques of control will enable us to become free souls. (Links – E Bernays)

Ok maybe as Jessie says – they might come after me.
But unlikely as nobody takes the truths available to mankind in a serious way!
And I’m just a ‘Voice in the Wilderness’ ( as per my site name.

Links should be up in two days or so………..

And do respond if you can. You can always call 24/7/365. Even if I’m incomprehensible! –  the future is how you envisage it. It’s easy to be in fear, especially if you speak against the ruling elite. Finding ways to reveal the maschinations of the ruling cabal it is necessary to put it in print.

OK do what you will, but truth will eventually  prevail.


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