Semantics for Romantics

Not wildly earth-shattering information but important nevertheless on a basic level. Once recognised, these ubiquitous linguistic anachronisms will loose their ability to disempower the user. I have been pointing out this anomaly for forever to friends and foes alike and the reaction is always similar ( except where the person is awake, aware and open-minded […]

The history of the flat earth

This is a long post but a very useful resource/primer for those that have only recently come across this subject. The massive lie that we have been told for centuries is being revealed at an astonishing rate to those that are willing to look at real evidence with an open mind. Enjoy the ride! The […]

Monsanto tried to hide evidence that Glyphosate (in Roundup weed killer) causes cancer

(Natural News) Court documents released on March 13th show that Monsanto colluded with the EPA to bury scientific evidence linking its glyphosate product (RoundUp) to cancer in humans (specifically, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). has published the full text of the court document “Motion to Compel Deposition of Jess Rowland.” Also published on is this heartbreaking […]


While the origins of the horseradish plant may be unknown, this plant has quite the history attached to it. It is mentioned in Greek mythology and was considered to be worth its weight in gold by the Delphic Oracle. It is mentioned in ancient medicinal texts, and there is even a mural with the plant […]