Stating the Obvious

Well honesty, I wouldn’t have believed it but someone unknown to me spray painted slogans about flat earth on road signs between Inverness and Perth. WOW!!!


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Fundermental belief systems are those that rule the emotional body!

Are your/my beliefs based on real provable replicatable evidence?

OK let’s get real here. – there are NO – literally ZERO proofs that we are living a spinning globe. (There are thousands of proofs that the opposite is true) We are stationary and level everywhere. Wake up folks. I did and now I’m very happy and involved.

Every time they try to prove the spinning ball theory they end up with a foot in their mouth.



There is NO ‘down under’



The Foundations of Our Reality

People often ask Flat Earth Realists the following question.
“What difference does it make if the Earth is Flat or Round?”
There are many reasons why the shape of the Earth matters, but here’s just one reason why it matters.
What could be more important that the foundations of the Earth you are standing on and the foundational beliefs you’ve adopted and attached to that fundamental belief system?
If the foundations of a building are not level and true, the rest of that building cannot be level and true. And eventually a structure will be built which has little relation in reality to it’s intended design.

If the foundations of our beliefs and knowledge are not true, then everything we build or base on those beliefs are not true and therefore are falsehoods. And whilst we continue to add more beliefs based on other false beliefs, we will become even further removed in relation to the truth and our true reality.
So with the fact that were not living on the tilting, wobbling, speeding, spinning space ball, but in reality, we are living on a beautiful flat and motionless plane, just as we experience, with the Sun, Moon and Stars all revolving above and around us just as they appear proves without doubt that many things we once believed to be true about our reality isn’t true and is indeed false, counterfeit, fake, spurious, deliberately contrived and fabricated.
Yes, of course, that also means that the governments of the world are lying to us.  Do you really think they aren’t? Have you ever heard of the term “The world is a stage.”? Well guest what? It’s true.
So, if not knowing the truth of our reality and everything that mankind’s beliefs are based on are false, isn’t important to you and living a lie doesn’t bother, you then no – it doesn’t matter to YOU, at the moment.
However, I can assure you, that it does matter a great deal to those of us, who have already carried out research, observations, tests and experiments and know that the foundational truth of our reality is that we live on a motionless plane. We have already critically thought through the implications and ramifications of such a huge paradigm shift, and the new enlightenment to our human consciousness these revelations will bring.
Some of us can already feel the change coming. But you’re welcome to stay asleep. But just know this, whilst you’re sleeping, there are a small group of people, growing in numbers day by day, that can see the importance that these revelations will have. And were fighting and winning a battle to awaken humanity, so we can build a better future for mankind, other sentient beings and this amazingly beautiful Plane were all living on. Please contact me here if you would like to persue a conversation about flat earth and all who sail in her –
The truth is not for everyone, but only for those who seek it.

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200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball.

Author Eric Dubay.

Humanity IS awakening – one mind at a time

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality, governments destroy freedom. “-Michael Ellner
Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control – from  A New Paradigm

Karma is coming for the elite in a big way. As TPHB (the Powers That Be) head toward a devastating defeat in all their war plans, signs are emerging that their rule over humanity is rapidly diminishing. Over the last decade the TPTB have been on a mad dash to consolidate power over the world. It’s always been their plan like some evil villain in a comic book, but after 9/11 the plan went into overdrive and then turbo charged during the financial crisis of 2008. Yet it’s doomed to fail because humans are meant to be guided by their own free will, not controlled like livestock. The more the elite try to control humanity, the more entropy occurs. Entropy, for those who don’t know, is the lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder. Although the elite still enjoy a huge wealth advantage over the masses, they are now resigned to behaving like tyrants to maintain control. This, in turn, exposes their dark side which has been cleverly concealed for ages. Not anymore. People are waking up in droves, at least as fast as the elite can build their full-spectrum prison matrix. Let them try. To paraphrase Victor Hugo, “No army can stop an idea whose time has come.”

Here are some signs that the elite are losing control over the people:

The lies they tell simply don’t work anymore. There was a time when official lies, especially about war and peace, were believed. Because, after all, how evil would it be to lie about such things? Generally people want to believe they are being told the truth when life and death is at stake. The boy who cried wolf has cried one too many times. Even if they told the truth at this point, very few would believe them.

Politicians have a paltry approval rating. The trust in government is at all-time low in the U.K. and around the world. Mainstream polls show only 10% of the public has confidence in Parliament. In other words, 90% don’t believe in them to be competent to govern.

The most recent polls show that 77% of the population no longer trusts corporate TV news. Is it any wonder why the establishment media failed to sell the lies about the alledged need for endless conflict. With all their monopoly might over the airwaves, they can no longer claim that black is white simply because officialdom says so.
Hungary recently became the first country to follow Iceland’s lead by shedding international bankers (IMF) and is considering pursuing prosecution of past prime ministers who enslaved the people with debt. Look for this trend to continue even if nations decide to default to break free.

Under the previous Pope, Pope Benedict, scandals erupted from the Vatican ranging from covering up pedophile priests to money laundering and fraud. Benedict, in an unprecedented move, abruptly retired to make way for a seemingly much more likable Pope Francis.

Pope Francis by all measures is working furiously to reclaim the church’s peaceful and humble reputation. Whether this is genuine or a PR move, it’s telling that the church was forced into such a drastic turnaround to save itself from losing all credibility.

Finally. Soldiers, who are outlawed from making political statements, are steadily speaking out against US military adventurism. As Einstein famously said “The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service.”
One of the darkest signs that the elite are losing their grip on power is the construction of the militarized police state specifically trained to combat domestic civil unrest. Local cops with tanks and other combat gear are working with Feds at Fusion centers, active Army units are on American soil for the first time in history, the NSA spy grid is being used by the IRS and DEA, and the elimination of due process for Americans under the NDAA are just some of the tyrannical moves made to secure the elite criminals from public backlash.
They’re clearly scared, and they should be given what they’ve done to the American people and the Constitution.

A state seceding from a larger political entity used to be an ultra-fringe concept, until now. In America, secession movements are winning over the public in parts of Colorado and California. In Europe, serious secession movements are happening in Spain and Scotland, as well as several EU nations flirting with the idea of dropping out of the euro. Decentralization = Entropy!
Control the food and you control the people. True in theory, but much more difficult in practice. GMO leaders like Monsanto are being exposed. All of their economic and political strength cannot defeat the spread of knowledge about the dangers of pesticide-soaked Frankenfoods. GMO fields are being burned in protest in America and around the world, informed nations continue to reject their products, and labeling laws are gaining traction.
Many reading this will think marijuana legalization is a superficial development. However, it is a major signpost that the elite’s grip is fading. Enormous resources have been spent to keep cannabis illegal. Cannabis has been a powerful medicine for physical, mental, and spiritual health throughout the ages. This single plant represents a huge threat to the power structures and their industries, hence its seemingly senseless illegality. The approaching global reversal of the tyrannical policy of prohibition is the first of many concessions to come.


Here are a few of the biggest lies you are asked to believe without question:

That vaccines are safe,

That anthropogenic warming is a reality. CO2 is a threat! Climate Change’ is somehow controllable if you pay your carbon taxes!

That ‘SPACE’ and all its fantasies (moon landings, ISS, Mars rovers, Hubble telescope, pictures of earth from ‘Space’ etc) exist when the truth is that no one has been to ‘space’ as it doesn’t exist. ALL images of the earth from space are CGI (computer generated imagery)

That our Earth is a spinning ball hurtling through space at astronomical speeds in multiple directions at once. IMPOSSI-BALL,

That Gravity and other unproven hoax theories keep quadzillion tons of water magically glued to the underside of said ball – LAUGHA-BALL! – and a thin envelope of atmosphere is somehow stuck to the surface as we spin at 10038 mph at the equator. ( about the speed of a bullet! And way past the sound barrier !!) IMPROBA-BALL.

Dinosaurs existed.

Darwnian evolution is proven.

The Big Bang/Relativity nonsense.

Fukushima is no loner a threat when, in fact the situation there is getting progressively worse by the day and threatening ALL the Pacific ecosystems and ultimately the entire planet.

That pesticide/herbicide/fungicide/petrochemical fertiliser drenched, highly processed, chemically preserved ‘food’ is somehow good for us.

The list is almost endless, however once a person gets a glimpse of the real truth there is no going back.

“Increasingly people are no longer buying into the mind control programmes enslaving humanity since time immemorial. People are slowly but surely taking back their power realizing the ‘big lie’ that they’re powerless and need to be dependent on controlling authorities while in response disconnecting from those related implanted beliefs… ” Paul A Philips

Flat Earth Debate – Deconstructing the Strawman Argument

Deliberately misrepresenting your views is a standard form of attack that will be leveled against you when you express the heretical belief that maybe the world’s not a ball. If you cite the lack of curvature they will point out that there’s no way it’s flat because the water would flow over the edge.

Confronted with the eminent falsifiability of their beloved globe, they often retreat into denial, ignoring your facts and focusing instead upon some ridiculous facet of a Flat Earth model nobody takes seriously. This is a deliberate form of deflection which allows them to censor your message by conflating it with nonsense. You will never hear Joe Rogan (a controversial American talkshow host. ed ) say, “Someone please explain to me how the curvature is determined.” Nope. He’ll rant and rave about how the evil Flat Earthers need to be tied to stakes and burned. This is an intentional act of sabotage. Straw man arguments are meant to claim victory in a debate and change the subject.

However, most of the time people employ this method unintentionally. It comes from a lack knowledge about the topic which, to be fair, is totally understandable. This article is intended to assist the Flat Earth Reformer in this regard. So usually when they come at you with strawman attacks it is because they are ignorant about the Flat Earth model and therefore they don’t actually know what they are arguing against. They don’t know the claims you make and so they can’t argue against those.

Use strawman arguments as a chance to correct the record. Sometimes people are just responding to their conditioning. All of us went through the indoctrination process. We all went to elementary school where we were shown a globe and we were told people used to believe that if you kept sailing the same direction you would go over the edge, and then the kids would all laugh because that’s a laugh line. It’s a straw man mischaracterization of the Flat Earth that was handed to us when we were little, so obviously the first time someone encounters this topic as an adult they’re going to revert to what they know.

“Wait a minute,” they’ll say, “everybody knows the world’s a ball. We figured that out five-thousand years ago. I was told about this in the second grade, so if you think the world is flat, then why hasn’t anyone gone over the edge?” Debate won. At least that’s how they see it.

What you have to do is deconstruct the strawman argument because when people first hear of Flat Earth they imagine a frisbee floating in space and they ask, “…if Earth is flat then why isn’t the sun lighting up the entire surface at once. Wouldn’t we have night and day uniformly? Because a sphere, obviously shields half the surface.”

So that’s a fairly straightforward and logical comment, but what they miss here is that this is not what we think the Flat Earth looks like. We reject heliocentrism altogether so these distant stars you see, and the distant sun 93 million miles away, does not apply to any Flat Earth model. And to be clear, there are several competing models. There isn’t a consensus yet.

Perhaps the enforcers of the globe-matrix have the ideal, accurately represented map of the Flat Earth but we certainly don’t. We do have common points of agreement, namely the lack of curvature and the eminent falsifiability of the globe, but we’re still seeking the best explanations. Unlike globers, we don’t pretend to know everything.

The absence of consensus doesn’t invalidate it. Consensus has nothing to do with science. A new discovery by an individual may actually change what the majority believes. It’s not as though all discoveries are made by every scientist at the same time. New information by individual or minority opinion is always what upsets the status quo.

Because there isn’t a fully agreed upon model, strawman arguments tend to fail anyway. They should always be met with some facet of the debate that is agreed upon, like the fact that there is no stellar parallax. Or that lakes are flat.

It should also be mentioned that none of us believe in outer space and that the only time we have ever seen it is in the movies and in NASA computer animations. The crew on the International Space Station NEVER EVER EVER take a handheld camera and look around outside the window. We have to rely on their testimony that it’s “oh so beautiful.” Well, the reason why they can’t show us space is because it doesn’t exist, or at least not in the way it’s been described.

The Flat Earth model rejects SPACE itself, which is what many people who are deeply indoctrinated into the spherical Earth model don’t get. They can’t think outside the Globe. We reject orbiting spheres, the vastly overstated distances to the stars, the moon, and the so called planets. We see the heliocentric system as a farcical model and recognize that “space” is as real and as provable as “Heaven.” We have to rely on priests and true believers who have crossed over to the other side.

Another straw man argument that was leveled against me recently went like this “Hey, wait a minute, if the world was flat , then the same constellations would be visible from any point on the surface, at all times. Yet, if you’re on the southern hemisphere, there are constellations you can’t see that you can see from the northern hemisphere. How do you explain that?”

Of course this means that the curvature of the globe is occluding the view of those constellations on the other side of the hump. That explanation only makes sense if you’re looking at the stars and their distances through the lens of the heliocentric model. It’s a straw man argument because Flat Earth rejects the distances involved in the heliocentric model.

If the stars are not trillions of miles away, but are instead just a few thousand miles away, than any constellation that you see from the northern “hemisphere” will not be visible a few thousand miles to the south because it will be over the visible horizon from the distant observer.

Besides, It hasn’t even been established that light itself can been seen from 25 trillion light-years away. The existence of light-years and the entire cosmology predicated upon the existence of light-years has been called into question.

Also note that the straw man argument also applies to the stereotype used to attack Flat Earthers when there aren’t any around. In the absence of a visible Flat Earth movement, the enemy will have free reign over the narrative. This is why people generalize about Flat Earthers. We’re described as a bunch of trolls who aren’t serious. Or we’re nutcase homeschoolers, dinosaur deniers, global warming deniers, who inhabit the shallow ends of our gene pools.
The way we deconstruct that particular strawman, the misrepresentation of who and what Flat Earthers are, we have to be seen and heard. When a creep like Joe Rogan launches a strawman attack against all Flat Earthers, you can rest assured that we’re in the process of witnessing the gradual acceptance of a self-evident truth. First they ignore it, then they attack it, then they pretend to have known it all along.

So this tactic boils down to these two approaches to deconstructing their strawman arguments:

Call them out for “getting everything wrong,” and correct the misrepresentations of Flat Earth.

Advocate for the truth. Be an agent of change as we deconstruct the Globe Paradigm. Become the visible vanguard of the Flat Earth Reformation. This will negate their attempts to define us.


The history of the flat earth

This is a long post but a very useful resource/primer for those that have only recently come across this subject. The massive lie that we have been told for centuries is being revealed at an astonishing rate to those that are willing to look at real evidence with an open mind. Enjoy the ride!

The History of Flat Earth by Eric Dubay

From the beginning of recorded history, and for thousands upon thousands of years, cultures across the entire world all believed the Earth was flat. Their various cosmologies and cosmogonies differed in slight ways but their overall geographies and astronomies were incredibly consistent and in fact virtually identical. The Earth was a stationary plane void of any motion or curvature, flat across its entire expanse except of course for hills, mountains and valleys. The North Pole was the magnetic mono-pole center-point of the flat Earth with Polaris, the North Pole star situated directly above. Polaris was the only motionless star in the heavens with all the other constellations revolving perfect circles over the Earth every night. The stars were divided into two categories known as the fixed stars and the wandering stars. The fixed stars were so-called because they were observed then as we can observe today to stay fixed in their constellation patterns night after night, year after year, century after century, never changing their relative positions. The wandering stars, what are today referred to as “planets,” were so-called because they were observed then as we can observe today to wander the heavens taking their own unique spirograph-like patterns making both forward and retrograde motions over and around the Earth during their cycles.

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