Growers Ark


Growersark is a multi-dimensional blueprint designed for humans to live in almost any part of our biosphere with minimal disruption to the natural order.  

All basic aspects of living are explored and addressed, including low-impact dwellings, integrated power systems, food and medicine production utilising organic, permaculture and biodynamic methods and principles.

Multi purpose resource plants are a high priority in the system and new varieties from around the world experimented with and incorporated into the overall picture.

The basic structure of the Ark is a geodesic dome that is both a beautiful dwelling and a food production area that will provide much of a family’s requirments year round.

Around the dome is a forest garden providing a wide range of edible  and medicinal plants. The outer zone is semi-wild habitat for domesticated and wild creatures.

The whole system flourishes due to its interconnectedness, diversity, design  and the love and care of the humans dwelling therein.

Growers Ark is constantly evolving to incorporate practical new ideas and systems – please feel free to let us know your ideas.