Garden design service

Edible landscapes.

Imagine a garden (of any size) that is beautiful to behold, is full of edible plants year round and looks after itself. The plants growing in this mythical garden are mostly perennials/strong self-seeders, coming up stronger and stronger each year to provide you and your familhy with a delicious mix of fruit, leaves and tubers. It is a haven for birds and pollinators full of colour and fragrence. You will need to take some time and care but after it has become fully established then only a minimum amount of maintainance is necessary.

Combine this with wild food foraged from your immediate locality then you have a substantial food system that does not require constant expense and laborious imput.

Often my daily salad will contain over 100 different plant parts – cost almost nothing and will sustain a human body very well! Enjoy

The music is played on instruments made of vegetables by the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra!

The time it take to mature varies due to many factors but in year one you will percieve the benefits and by year five your garden will be providing a high percentage of your fresh food requirments.

Hi Im ‘Capibility Green’! and Im always experimenting with new ways to grow food in all kinds of environment. I now live on the coast of NW Scotland in what is known as a sub-tropical maritime climate so I have drawn up a list of useful plants for this ecosystem and can recommend them from personal experience.

I offer a design/advice/maintainance service so that you can easily provide yourself with fresh nutritious food from even the smallest garden. I adhere strictly to Organic principles and include Permaculture and Biodynamic systems in my designs.

Call me to discuss your requirments. 077 161 80118 or email