Highland Research

‘If the truth can be told so as to be understood it will be believed’    T. Mckenna.

Highland Research has evolved from Kerry Research Group which was located in Ireland.

The issues there were fairly defined in that  we had to work very hard to rally support in relation to the Fluoride problem. However this is not a problem currently in Scotland but we must remain vigilent as the Fluoride propaganda machine is still workng in some parts of the uk.

We were drawing attention of the Irish nation to the dangers of GMOs and this seems also to be a non–problem here in the Highlands. However  all these issues are really global nowadays. and these technologies are being pushed hard  all over the planet by the global elite.

I research current geopolitics and situations likely to impact us here in the beautiful Highland region of Scotland  now and in the future. Many people  are awakening to the fact that our lives are under constant surveillance and controlled more and more every day in the name of  a phony ‘war on terror’ climate change fraud and other manufactured  scaremongering.  Our innate and long held freedoms are being eroded, our natural wealth stolen, our bodies assaulted by a toxic soup of industrial  and pharmaceutical chemicals and our environment deliberately destroyed by a  group of international banksters and elitists. They can only get away with this pillage with our acquiescence. They are clever and use every mind-control system to keep us in ignorance.

It is my aim to bring you quality alternative views and articles that will help to reawaken ourselves to our true nature and our limitless creative future. Hopefully this site will lead you into new understandings and consequently empowering our own personal freedom and deepen our connection to nature.

Stay informed and connected to infinite awarenes