Some of my favorite sites for your curiosity. (isn’t curiosity what drives us all)

top link of the day!

the ‘GLOBEBUSTERS’  Yep really its a bunch of very intelligent and lucid people who are systematically and scientifically taking down the false scientific paradigm that has taken over and which promotes nonsense and lies to keep everyone confused and lacking the factual evidence one way or another. They cut it up every which way. Wish they lived in my community!!

If you are interested in the flat earth story and updated info on the subject best to go to Youtube and search ‘flat earth’ there are thousands of video makers out there now whereas one year ago there was only a handful. Some to subscribe might be;

Jeranism  – Jeran is prodigous in his creative outpourings – amazing videos every week.

DITRH  -David Weiss is friendly, commited to truth and wears a great tee shirtt.-

http://www.ditrh .com

Eric Dubay ( an epic talent who shuts every heliocentrists door tight. He is an enigmatic figure but nonetheless it was through an interview with him on Anacast radio that I had an Eurica moment. WTF!!!!they have been lying to me about the shape of the earth. So it goes from there – TOYAL distrust of the curent scientific narrative which leads me to:

The truthful information on the ‘climate change’/’global warming’ hoax – start with Mark Morano at http://www.climate – graduate to seeking out the film ‘Climate Hustle’ – After the Donald has declared climate nonsense – nonsense! should be fun

On a far more serious note – who controls the major institutions/corporations that have control of the worlds resources? Who controls the entire media outlet system? Who controls the power brokers,  the current president-elect of the USA, Donald Trump and the rest – Be shocked but not surprised on

9/11 is very important too.  Keeping abreast of developments – Trump has indicated that he  a new investigation. This would be.a major blow to NYO and im sure they will do everything they can to stop any further examination of the evidence. . I go with my feelings/intition – Go to

Some of my other internet gurus! – Mike Rivero is a well experienced pundit and disects in- the-moment current event with laser precision Updated constantly and you can listen to his daily podcast. – a news aggregate site with an enlightened adgenda.Sort of trus his adgenda but he could go furt her in exposing the snake-pit. They just close you down if you get too close to the bone.

Alex jones and David Icke have filled me in on the nuts and bolt aspects of the puzzle. They have been consistant but i’m a little put off as they will not address certain important subjects. Alex wont address the Zionists and their total dominence of all resource systems and the contol of the planet wide madia.  He has Jewish family and most of his advertisers are Jewish owned. David Icke is my countaryman and I (foolishly) thought that I could do the same and travel about in Scotland holding meetings in freezing halls trying to get sleeping people to awaken. (maybe I will someday!) He is a inspiration – no doubt. Hes on a world tour at this time and filling auditoriums all over. Reserve judgment and assimilate what is manifestly the truth. So go to and

www. waking – for those who look for metaphyical information to help in our understanding and purpose on ttis beautiful earth. Highly recommended  – A fellow Scott living in Canada Alan Watt delives a highly informative regular podcast giving hints, tips and clues about the control matrix and how to extricate onesself.

A fine Zen friend, living a free life –    Chris is his name – calmness is his wisdom – Cheers Chris, hope folks find you from here!