Flat Earth Debate – Deconstructing the Strawman Argument

Deliberately misrepresenting your views is a standard form of attack that will be leveled against you when you express the heretical belief that maybe the world’s not a ball. If you cite the lack of curvature they will point out that there’s no way it’s flat because the water would flow over the edge. Confronted […]

Organic foods backed by landmark report – warning that agricultural pesticides far more dangerous than was thought.

The review examines scientific evidence about the impact of organic food on human health.  Laura Donnelly, health editor  – Daily Telegraph 2 JUNE 2017 • 9:30PM  Consumers should consider going organic because pesticides on foods are far more dangerous than was thought, causing damage to the human brain, a major study suggests. The research, published […]

Al-Gore-rhythm. How to scam humanity!

An up-date to this mornings post. (ed) Break out the CO2 bubbly; Al Gore is crying in his beer (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.) By Jon Rappoport “All right, contestants, listen carefully. Here’s the final question. The winner will be awarded three years living in a hut with no […]

Historic: Trump rejects Paris Climate Treaty.

Sometimes, somewhere on this planet a politician makes a wise decision! The climate change/warming nonsense/hoax/scam is a dangerous distraction from real environmental issues. The perpetrators have taken a serious body blow and about time too! By Jon Rappoport June 1, 2017, a day that will live in infamy for the liar, thieves, and killers of […]