Research service

One of my passions is information. I search for the real truth behind every story that has my attention – I am interested in a broad range of topics and issues ranging from complimentary medicine/herbal healing to shamanism – geo politics – alternative media – sustainable living systems – unravelling the controlling matrix and learning to live an authentic life according to eternal cosmic law – alternative benign agricultural systems –  the wisdom of the ancient people -the plight and perils of the indeginous people of today – the secrets of co-creative co-existence – the awakening of humanity to its true, full potential – exposing the New World Order and my current beau, flat earth revelations.- and and…..the list just keeps getting longer and wider. So, if by any chance, you would like the services of a researcher and your requirments are within my remit I will be more than happy to do in-depth research into your chosen subject(s). I will give you a file of my work and a modest fee to genuinly reflect the work.