The Shaman is in all of us and living in shamanic consciousness is our natural state in a natural world. The Shaman is a healer, keeper of the lore and knowledge, accumulated through ancestral lineage. (S)he knows the songs. (S)he creates and allows a magical space so that everyone (human and non-human) may express themselves fully at all times. (S)he knows how to take others through the inter-dimensional doorway into the freedom of truth and understanding. The shaman lives an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. The shaman acknowledges that all life forms are imbued with Spirit and all life is sacred. (and thats just for starters!)

Anarchy – a state of being unbounded by external  laws. Living in a state of internal and existential freedom that does not require any form of government or system of control. I may have expanded on the original meaning of ‘Anarchy’ somewhat but there is no word that better expresses the state that accrues if a human lives within the eternal unchanging natural law.

Thus I will use this made-up word ‘Shamanarchy’ to express the possibilities inherent in the evolution of consciousness and its eventual endgame – the implementation of peaceful, co-creative, co-existence on this Earth.

Shamanarchy is also my Skype name and also my Youtube channel.  Im happy to discuss topics on this site with interested people


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