Small holding supplies

Here are some useful items for us wilderness folk.

Purified water. Using reverse osmosis and carbon deionizing filters, this water has at max 1ppm of minerals  (a UV filter is being added to the system to eliminate all  bacteria) thus it is ideal for:

#Battery top-ups

#Fish tanks

# Medical usage

#Highly purified water drinking water

Available in 5 litres @ £2.50 and  25 litres @£10  (exchange containers please)

Delivery available

Colloidal Silver Water. One of nature’s best antibiotics, it can be used daily in small doses as a preventative, or for cronic ailments in larger quantities.

Available in 750ml glass bottles @ £5

Delivery available

Horseshoe Trivets

Delightful and practical accessory for your outdoor fire. Made in three basic sizes – small, medium and large.  They can have demountable legs for easy transportation. We also have several different designs.

All the same price at £25 – Demountable legs £5 extra.

Postage can be arranged.